Wine Fact or Fiction: The Magnum Effect

Wine fact or fiction - the Magnum effect

Does wine age better in a bigger bottle? Well, the answer is yes of course! After the release of our Hilltop Cabernet Franc 2012 Magnum earlier this year, we have had numerous questions about big bottles and their benefits. Without getting into too much detail, bottled wine matures through the process of slow oxidation. During bottling, a small pocket of air gets trapped between the cork and the wine and over time the oxygen reacts with the wine. In larger format bottles, like magnums, the air-to-wine ratio is lower since they have twice as much wine to about the same amount of oxygen.This results in slower and better maturation. And if you don’t believe in all this technical stuff you can’t deny that there is a certain wow-factor when pouring wine from a larger bottle – it makes a statement and exudes celebration! 

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