Cultivar Spotlight - Chardonnay

Cultivar spotlight - Chardonnay

Chardonnay is by far the world's most diverse and most widely planted white grape in the world. It's flavour profile begins with green apple and citrus flavours in early stages of ripening and develops to peach, pineapple and concentrated apricot when the grapes are super ripe. Chardonnay is used in an array of products. It is one of the main cultivars used in Champagne or Cap Classic wines. It is gaining popularity as an unoaked easy drinking wine and then there is the well known creamy complexity of an oaked Chardonnay that you either love or 'appreciate'. It is one of a winemaker's favourite cultivars because it  is easy to manipulate in the cellar. Unlike Sauvignon Blanc it is a neutral grape that tends to express winemaking every bit as much as vineyard site. Make sure not to miss out on enjoying Rosendal's beautiful Reserve Serenity Chardonnay 2013!

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