Bønne & Wine

Rosendal Wines' roots were planted when Norwegian husband and wife team, Geir and Sissel Tellefsen, discovered the original 1805 farmhouse and accompanying 15 ha of potential paradise while holidaying in South Africa. Having already decided to abandon the corporate ‘rat race’ and relocate their young family, it was love at first sight. It is also with love that each new wine released in Rosendal's Barony range represents someone or something in Norway that's very dear to them.

 You must be asking, why all this if we're chatting about Bønne, and what is this Bønne? Well, we're happy to share with you that Bønne is Norwegian for Coffee Beans!

 Norway has a particularly strong affinity for coffee ... following Finland it is the 2nd biggest consumer of coffee in the world, with the average Norwegian drinking 142 litres, or 9.5 kg of coffee a year! Coffee plays a huge social role in Norwegian culture where it is common to invite family and friends over for coffee and cakes and to enjoy cups of coffee with dessert. The traditional way of serving coffee in Norway is plain black, usually in a mug, rather than a cup.

 Rosendal's Barony Bønne Pinotage 2012 is a beautiful marriage between the Nordic coffee culture and South Africa's pride and joy, Pinotage. Currently it is very fashionable to share a bottle of this wine with friends because it is something different, the taste is luscious and simply a kicking combination!

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    This is the PERFECT combo! Yum :-)

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