Next big Wine Trend points to South Africa

19 September 2014 saw Dave McIntayre, Columnist at The Washington Post, publish this beautiful heading. He continues with the following: "If someone asks you to predict the next trendy wine region, think back 20 years or so and look for political change. Economic benefits of democratization might come quickly, but wine takes time. Vineyards need to be replanted, viticulture and winemaking techniques updated, wineries modernized. Because the product is made only once a year, modernization translates slowly into improved quality. Spain, Portugal, Chile and Argentina each experienced a wine renaissance about two decades after democratic change. Now it’s South Africa’s turn. After the end of apartheid in the 1990s, South Africa’s wines reentered the world market, and its winemakers traveled to work harvests in Europe, the Americas and Australia. They brought modern winemaking techniques home with them. Their efforts are bearing fruit in exciting wines now reaching our market. “There was undoubtedly a qualitative leap in [South African] wine in the late 1990s, but another, more profound change — precisely, the emergence of increasing numbers of authentic wines — seems to have happened in the first decade of the twenty-first century,” writes Tim James in his comprehensive book “Wines of the New South Africa” (University of California, 2013). “A significant proportion of the best South African wines today were not being made in 2000, and many of what are now recognized as the finest wineries were not yet established.” The last time I wrote about South African wines, I praised the whites, especially the Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc (sometimes still called by the local name, steen). The country’s red wines often seemed afflicted by a strange, off-putting flavor that became controversial in the wine media a few years ago. My recent tastings have been much more pleasant, with delicious reds at all price points. South Africa’s time to shine on the wine stage has come. It’s our time to enjoy exploring these delicious and fascinating wines!"

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  • Elvera

    Brilliant to know that we’re get the recognition we so deserve! Cheers and thanks to all of South Africa’s awesome winemakers!

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