Barony Røsslyng: A lightly wooded Chardonnay

Barony Røsslyng: A lightly wooded Chardonnay

The Røsslyng is one of Norway's national plants and is very similar to the South African fynbos species. This Chardonnay depicts the beautiful and soft characteristics of this petite plant, and anyone that has ever wandered through the Norwegian woods in the fall, or across the wide mountain plateaus, would have met this sweet-smelling, unpretentious little plant.

The Barony Røsslyng Chardonnay has a pale yellow colour with a luminous green hue. The nose is met by fresh citrus characteristics followed by the hints of fresh golden apples, apricot blossoms and luscious gooseberries. Beautifully ripened peaches pave the way alongside creamy pineapple to a generous palate with great fruit purity and concentration.


Perfect with light and delicate food such as prawns, grilled fish or vegetable terrines. Salads, pasta or risotto pairs well with this wine as well as creamy vegetable dishes. 

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