Food and Wine Pairing Ideas for Mother’s Day

Food and Wine Pairing Ideas for Mother’s Day

Do you have any Mother’s Day plans yet? Whether you’re enjoying it at home or in a restaurant, we have the perfect pairing ideas for you. From sparkling wines and pasta to steak and Merlot, here are some food and wine pairing ideas that will definitely create a Mother’s Day to remember!

Seafood Pasta and MCC 

MCC has always had an affinity for seafood, and it works exceptionally well with pasta! If you’re celebrating Mother’s Day with a bottle of bubbly, don’t miss the chance to enjoy it with seafood pasta. The creaminess of the pasta, with the delicacy of the fish, is precisely what a bottle of delicate bubbles needs.

We highly recommend Christina Brut Rosé, which is lively and fresh and offers the perfect delicacy needed for pairing with seafood pasta. 

Baked Camembert and Chardonnay

Baked Camembert is something you have to try at least once in your life. It is a must-have whether this is inside a pastry or simply by itself. Unoaked Chardonnay or lightly wooded styles work best here. As a starter, you cannot go wrong with this pairing alongside some crackers. 

Try our Barony Rosslyng Chardonnay, which is fresh and vibrant but capable of matching the intensity of the cheese perfectly. 

Rump Steak and Merlot

Mother’s Day is the perfect transition into the winter months, so why not pull out a bottle of excellent red. If you’re planning on treating your mom to a rump steak, look no further than our Rosendal Merlot. The wine offers everything you expect from red wine, with plenty of beautiful fruits, alongside some complexity and smokiness. With a chargrilled steak, this wine is something your mom will definitely be impressed by!

Pork Belly and Pinot Noir

Pork belly is a treat on any day, so why not use Mother’s Day as the perfect occasion to have it? If you are, Pinot Noir is your friend! Since pork is not as heavy as red meat, it needs a lighter red wine. Our Rosendal Reserve Hilltop Pinot Noir is exactly what you need since the tannins are subtle enough to pair perfectly with the pork. As a result, neither the food nor wine will be overshadowed! 

Let us know what your favourite Rosendal wine is and what you’d like to pair it with this month!

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