One of the greatest wine varieties.

It is not certain when exactly Grenache arrived in South Africa, but generally, it is seen from the early 1900s. The variety originally came from a Mediterranean climate, which is why the Cape made it perfect for growing.
Despite this, Grenache was not planted as much as we would have hoped. The vines continued to grow and age, and have become more popular in the past 30 years. These old vines produce exceptional quality wine, and this rare variety is the base for over 100 South African Wine blends.
Grenache is one of the most versatile varieties in the world. This exceptional variety ripens later than most, thriving in dry and warm conditions as we have seen near Stellenbosch.
The long ripening process contributes to the high sugar levels found in these grapes and leads to the variety being capable of producing alcohol levels that sometimes exceed 15%. The light colour skin is thin which creates pale wine with low tannins. The palette is generally spicy, packed with berries and a smooth finish.
Grenache can be enjoyed throughout the year, and pairs very well with almost any meal, from grilled meats like beef, veal, pork, chicken and game to Asian cooking.
In order to celebrate this Grenache Day this Summer, we have a Sangria Recipe for you and your friends to enjoy this weekend!


One Bottle of Grenache Noir

Sangria originated in Spain, and the Grenache variety comes from Spain, making this recipe as authentic as possible! This fruity, low-tannin red wine is delicious when chilled.

Fresh ripe fruit

Fruit infuses the wine with sweet freshness. Add half an orange sliced and half squeezed to the Sangria. Add in any seasonal fruit you like, from strawberries to pears, any combination is delicious!


Brandy turns wine into a true cocktail, but is not compulsory of course, we just love the added flavour and kick!

Sweetener, to taste

Depending on which fruit you choose, you may need to add in some maple syrup or sweetener, but if you use great wine and flavorful fruit, and you won't need this at all.


Add into a jug (or two), serve chilled and enjoy! 



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