Limited Release Craft Gin exclusive to Rosendal!

We have very exciting news! Rosendal recently gained exclusive rights to selling a limited release gin distilled by Hope of Hopkins Distillery in Cape Town.

Lucy’s Last of the Summer Wine Gin is crafted with juniper, citrus and peppery cubeb berries, as well as Petit Verdot grapes. It's an amazing plummy-red colour and delicious served with tonic and a slice of orange.

Hope Distillery on Hopkins Street is an artisanal distillery in the heart of Cape Town, that prides itself on crafting small batch gins and other spirits. Ex-lawyers and partners Lucy Beard and Leigh Lisk brings you handcrafted spirits packed full of new flavours and an interesting range of botanicals. They use the age old process of batch distillation with their faithful stills – Mildred, Mouma and Maude, named after the couple’s grandmothers - and the latest addition to the team, the beautiful copper pot still, Mad Mary.

Their dedication to their craft and respectful handling of carefully sourced quality ingredients culminates in their three Hope on Hopkins Gins: the classic grain based London Dry Gin, the South African inspired Salt River Gin and the more experimental, savoury Mediterranean Gin, as well as a small batch vodka and their 100% agave spirit, Esperanza (which they’re not allowed to call Tequila). They also design, distill and produce gins for other brands, including Musgrave 11 and Musgrave Pink Gin,  Clemengold Gin, the complex fynbos infused Southern Cross Gin,  Blossom & Hops Gin, Giant Gin, the two A Mari Ocean Gins and Phantom Gin.

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