New Release: 2020 Barony I∂unn Cinsault

New Release: 2020 Barony I∂unn Cinsault

Despite the lockdown challenges the past few months, we have managed to successfully launch two new outstanding wines.

One of the wines, our Barony I∂unn, is an incredible addition to the Barony Range. With a mere 3000 bottles produced, the wine is an extremely limited wine that highlights the diversity of wines we have available.

The grapes were harvested from some of South Africa’s best Cinsault areas, close to Riebeek Kasteel in the Swartland, where the grapes were able to develop concentrated fruits and immense flavour.

The result is a vibrant wine with typical Cinsault notes of cranberries, cherries and rosewater. The wine’s concentration and intense fruit notes make it the ideal wine to enjoy by itself, or pair with authentic Thai curries.

With such a limited number of bottles, we highly suggest grabbing yourself some of the Cinsault and enjoying this unique wine. Also, have a look at our award-winning Reserve Aquitaine, which we have recently released in a limited-edition magnum!

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