New Release: 2021 Barony Bønne Pinotage

New Release: 2021 Barony Bønne Pinotage

Prepare yourself for the winter days ahead by getting yourself our brand new 2021 Rosendal Barony Bønne Pinotage.

This is a spectacular wine, representing all the best characteristics of a classic Pinotage. Since the grapes were harvested from premium vineyards in Wellington, the wine offers intense aromas and flavours of only the best quality. 

During the winemaking process, the grapes were cold-soaked for  12 hours for maximum extraction of aroma and flavour compounds. The juice also underwent 3 aerated pump-over days, ensuring gentle extraction of the colour, aroma and flavours in the grapes. The fermentation period lasted approximately five days, where the grapes were pressed before it was completed. By doing this, we ensured a rounder, softer feel. To add texture and complexity, the wine spent 6 months in dark toasted French barrels. 

On the Nose
The wine offers intense notes of cacao dust, fresh blueberries and roasted coffee beans.

On the Palate
The palate is generous with flavours of charred plums, dark cherries and sweet baking spices which fill your mouth with each sip. Expect nothing less than luscious, juicy flavours that retain excellent structure and ripe tannins that linger

Pairing Ideas
The wine is excellent with traditional venison pie, BBQ pork ribs and
decadent chocolate desserts.

This Pinotage is available at our special launch price of R180 per bottle. 

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