NEW RELEASE: 2021 Barony Harmoni Rosé

NEW RELEASE: 2021 Barony Harmoni Rosé

With summer rapidly approaching, we have released the perfect wine for the upcoming summer sun. Our 2021 Barony Harmoni rosé offers everything you need to make this year a memorable one. 

The wine is made from 100% Cabernet Franc, harvested from Wellington’s prestigious vines. The area’s abundance in sunlight ensured for perfect ripeness and fruit concentration in the grapes, and ultimately, superior wine.

To ensure balance in sugar and acidity, however, the grapes were handpicked early in the morning. The berries were lightly crushed before receiving enough skin contact to extract the skins’ soft pink colour. Thereafter, the juice was drawn off the skins, and the fermentation process lasted ten days before being bottled in October.

The result is a wine with bright strawberry and candy-floss aromas with subtle perfumed rose petal undertones. On the palate, you can expect only liveliness with crushed raspberry and red berry flavours. This wine is crisp and easy drinking while still generous on the palate.

The wine is incredible when served chilled as an aperitif. Better yet, it pairs perfectly with salads. Try it with smoked Salmon roulade or a goats cheese, beetroot, and asparagus salad.

Start the summer off strong with this incredible wine, available through our online store, or via any of our agents. 

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