New Release: Aquataine Cabernet Franc Blend

New Release: Aquataine Cabernet Franc Blend


Our latest release, the Reserve Aquitaine Cabernet Franc blend, is a wine that showcases the very best elements of a powerful red wine. By combining three famous, robust varieties, the Aquitaine has set the benchmark for extraordinary blends.

This blend is named after the famed Eleanor of Aquitaine, one of the most influential women in the Middle Ages.  Her marriage to the King of England opened and secured trade relations between Bordeaux and England, and subsequently, the rest of the world. Many believe that Bordeaux wines owe their popularity and high esteem to her influence.  She has been the only monarch ever to occupy the French as well as the English thrones.  

By blending three iconic Bordeaux varieties, Cabernet Franc (55%), Cabernet Sauvignon (23%) and Petit Verdot (22%), the winemaker has managed to perfectly balance the acidity and fruit while paying tribute to the famed 'Eleanor of Aquitaine.'

On the nose, the wine offers an incredible array of aromas, from dried herbs, lavender to dark cherries and blueberries.

The palate provides equal complexity and intense fruit notes, rounded with excellent structure and a lasting finish.

The grapes used for this excellent blend are harvested from Stellenbosch and Paarl, renowned for producing some of the most prestigious red varieties in South Africa. Each site contributes to the individuality of the cultivar and subsequently the complexity of the final blend.

The blend is the perfect wine to pair with your favourite Autumn meals and tomato-based dishes. Try this magnificent blend with smoked mussels and tomato linguine or a rich lamb stew on creamy polenta. 

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