New Release: Noble Nomad He Stole My Horse 2018

New Release: Noble Nomad He Stole My Horse 2018

Little is known about the legendary Noble Nomad. He arrived in Cape Town as a German soldier enjoyed his nomadic lifestyle and was an excellent hunter causing great envy amongst the locals in the Cape and Great Karoo. Those that have crossed paths with the Noble Nomad tell tales of a legend, a thief and a drifter meandering through the Western Cape. His cause of death is uncertain, and legend tells us he was either devoured by a lion or trampled on by an elephant although nobody knows for certain.

The Noble Nomad range of wine is based on the tales of Claus Voights whose only evidence of existence lie in the tales of the villagers in the Klaasvoogds region of the Robertson Wine Valley.

One tale was told by a farmer just outside the Robertson area who met the Noble Nomad one evening while doing the rounds through his vineyard and stables. He offered the gentleman lodging in his stable only to awake the next morning with both his horse and the man, who introduced himself as Claus Voights, gone. A search party was quickly sent out to find Claus and the farmer’s horse, but their tracks disappeared in the vineyards as the dust started to settle on a very hot summer evening making it impossible to continue a search.

Tales soon came from villages, now known as Swellendam and Barrydale, about a man travelling on horseback, seducing women, young and old in the afternoons and sleeping under the stars in the evenings. It was only years later that a small farm named Rosendal just outside Robertson dedicated a range of wine to the legend, the thief and the drifter who became known as Claus Voights.

He Stole My Horse’ is the red blend in the Noble Nomad range named after the tale of the Robertson farmer. The smoky tobacco and earthy notes set the dark scene of the Nomad’s betrayal and deceit. The Shiraz provides the spicy tone with just the right amount of Cabernet Sauvignon to balance the charm and seduction of the Nomad.

This wine has won Gold in 2016, 2018 and 2019 Gold Wine Awards and is a perfect blend to enjoy now or mature for a year or two.

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