OUR LATEST RELEASE: Reserve Classic Cuvee 2016

OUR LATEST RELEASE: Reserve Classic Cuvee 2016

So excited about this one! Upfront cassis and plums are supported by subtle oak nuances and a smooth but rounded mouth-feel.

The wine is extremely juicy with lashings of dusty chocolate and whiffs of moist Christmas cake on the nose. The palate is steeped in a melange of blackberries, orange rind and hints of dried mint combining a lovely warm earthiness with an abundance of fruit flavours. The tannins are smooth with a dry and delightfully spicy aftertaste.


Challenging conditions led to a reduced wine grape crop for us in 2016.  Water supplies had the greatest impact on the harvest this year, especially in dry-land blocks where vineyards were not buffered against the heat. The weather was very warm, especially from the end of October towards the end of January, which restricted the growth.  On the positive side, these dry conditions led to the vineyards and grapes being very healthy overall. Slower growth also brought about the formation of smaller berries and lower bunch masses, contributing to more concentration and flavour in the wine.


The grapes were selected from a number of vineyards around Stellenbosch and the Swartland.  These two areas produce very different wines. Swartland which is  hot and dry  produces rich, ripe fruit, while a slightly cooler Stellenbosch produce wines that are dark with intense flavours.


The cultivars in this wine were harvested and vinified separately.  Hand picked bunches were destemmed and lightly crushed before the onset of natural fermentation in stainless steel tanks. The wine was then moved to old French oak barrels and matured for up to 18 months before final barrel selection and blending took place.


Cabernet Sauvignon 49%, Cabernet Franc 24%,Merlot 22%, Petit Verdot 2.5%, Shiraz 2.5%











4000 bottles

Serving Suggestion:

This wine will pair well with fine textured meats like pork or veal.  The wine’s fruit driven nature will sooth the effect of spicy curries.



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