Our Rosendal Merlot 2014 receives an international silver award

The Michelangelo International Wine & Spirit Awards give wines the opportunity to be judged by an international panel of wine experts; making medal results an absolute elite recognition of quality. The full panel consisted of 26 judges from 22 countries and the competition has been a professional stamp of excellence for 20 years.

At Rosendal, we have consistently produced various award-winning wines, and we are proud to announce that we have received a Silver Michelangelo Medal at the 2016 competition for our beautiful Rosendal Merlot 2014.

Our acclaimed winemaker, Therese de Beer describes this wine as bold and rich "that radiates a warm ruby red glow that has moderate tannins and a soft delicate finish". She concludes that this wine should be paired with Sunday roasts to focus on the award-winning characteristics of this Merlot.

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