Pinot Noir has been called the South African Queen of Red Wine because of the precise and distinctive nature of this wine.

This grape is linked to some of the worlds most expensive wines. Originally from France, Pinot Noir is derived from a word that means "Pine" and Noir means "black", this refers to the pine-like shape in which these grape clusters grow and the dark berry colours.

Despite the vast challenges surrounding the growth of this variety, increased demand and preference for it has led to a great rise in plantings. From 1990 to 2010 it shot up from the 13th to the 7th most planted variety in the world.

The refined taste, smell and colour set it apart from other cultivars. The symmetry in the fruit, minerality, oak and spice which embodies this wine, is the exact expression of the cool climate terroir where the grapes are grown.

Although light in colour, this wine is never sweet and packs a flavourful punch!

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