Old Mutual Wine Trophy Awards 2021!

Old Mutual Wine Trophy Awards 2021!

Our premium Rosendal wines have done us extremely proud at the Old Mutual Wine Trophy Show! The Old Mutual Competition is one of the most prestigious in the country. With nine expert judges with experiences in various parts of the industry, the very best SA wines are tasted and judged.

Five of our wines have received excellent results in this year’s Old Mutual competition, despite how tough the competition can be. Wines from our RosendalBarony and Reserve Range have all been recognised for the consistent quality associated with the wine.

The five wines that has received these outstanding Bronze awards are:

2018 Reserve Black Spice
2018 Reserve Hilltop Shiraz
2019 Barony August Cabernet Sauvignon
2019 Rosendal Merlot
2020 Rosendal Sauvignon Blanc

The awards we have received for our crafted wines, reiterates the quality that we strive for with each one of the Rosendal collections.

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