Ten of Rosendal's Wines Receives 4 Stars!

Ten of Rosendal's Wines Receives 4 Stars!

Platter’s Wine Guide has always been regarded as one of South Africa’s most prestigious wine competitions. The panel of judges consists of 14 of the country’s most distinguished tasters, who only award the top wines in the competition. As one would imagine, we were ecstatic to hear that 10 of our wines received four-star ratings!

As we continue to strive for consistent, unwavering quality, we hope to assemble more accolades throughout the year, bringing nothing but the absolute best to our discerning Rosendal clients.

The list of 2022 Platter’s Award Winners are:

4.5 STARS:

Reserve Blue Mountain (90 pts) 


  • Reserve Aquitaine 2019 (89 pts) 
  • Reserve Black Spice 2018 (86 pts)
  • Reserve Cape Ruby (86 pts)
  • Reserve Hilltop Pinot Noir 2018 (89 pts)
  • Hilltop Shiraz 2018 (89 pts)
  • Reserve Mistral 2015 (89 pts)
  • Barony Sophie 2018 (88 pts)
  • Barony Freya Malbec 2019 (86 pts)
  • Barony August Cab Sav (89pts)
  • Rosendal Merlot 2019 (89 pts) 

Since we only produce limited amounts of each of our wines, many of our wines have sold out. You can, however, order the following wines online. Be sure to grab your award winners to avoid missing out. 

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