Tips to enjoy our 4-star Reserve Cape Ruby NV

Tips to enjoy our 4-star Reserve Cape Ruby NV

Due to an agreement between South Africa and the European Union, ports and sherries made in South Africa may not carry those names after 2012, hence the naming of Cape Ruby: blended and fruity and the components are aged for a minimum of six months up to three years. The average age is a minimum of one year. So, here are some great ways to enjoy it: 

Straight sipper

This is the ultimate way to end a long day at the office or wind down after dinner. Our Reserve Cape Ruby NV is best enjoyed in 75ml pourings at about 15°C in a decadent dessert glass while snacking on almonds and blue cheese cuts.

Stir it up

Have a modern, yet simple and fun take on this very classic style of wine: Cape Ruby cocktails.

You can pour a generous serving over ice and add a few leaves of mint. Or, if you are feeling festive, why not pour Cape Ruby into a Champagne flute and top it off with our Nordlys Brut MCC; end it off with a twist of orange.

Gourmet cooking

We suggest a Cape Ruby sauce drizzled over a great South African steak on the braai. Pan fry some onion and garlic in a few drops of oil. Add one cup of Reserve Cape Ruby NV and bring to boil. Reduce the heat and simmer until about a 1/4 cup remains. Drizzle and serve.

What about the opened bottle?

This wine will be good in an open bottle for about 30 days. Just reseal it and keep refrigerated. Remember to let it warm slightly before serving.

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