We make a first class Merlot

We make a first class Merlot

Merlot is an extremely popular wine – both as a single varietal and for blending – and it usually appears as a dark purple or blue colour. Merlot is also known for its fresh and fruity taste that is full of dark berries.

We recently released (May 2016) our Rosendal Merlot 2014 and we also have a proud Reserve Hilltop Merlot 2013. We can also brag with a fabulous Merlot blend, the Barony Sophie 2014. So if you are a Merlot fan, we have a wine made just for you.

Merlot pairs well with a wide variety of foods and has great drinkability. It will love pizza take-outs or chicken and light lunch meals. It will also adore a lightly spiced red meat on the grill or hearty winter stews.

Our award-winning winemaker, Therese de Beer warns that “Merlot does not pair well with fish or green vegetables and that very spicy food will overwhelm its nuanced flavours”.

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