Women’s Month Celebration: Winemakers

Women’s Month Celebration: Winemakers

Happy Women’s Month to all our Rosendal patriots!

We thought we would highlight three incredible women who have shaped the South African wine industry in celebration of women's month. While the wine industry has historically been male-dominated, things have changed rapidly, and we couldn’t be prouder.

Therese De Beer – Rosendal Wines

Our very own winemaker, Therese De Beer, has been responsible for the wide selection of award-winning wines at Rosendal. With decades of winemaking experience across the globe, Therese has the passion and experience to produce only the best wines in our Rosendal, Reserve and Barony ranges.

Nadia Barnard – Waterkloof

Nadia Barnard is an extraordinary winemaker who has been involved in the cellar at Waterkloof since 2009. Her passion for biodynamic and organic wines made her the perfect fit at the winery, where she has continued to make award-winning wines for several years.

Ntsiki Biyela - Aslina Wines

In 2004, Ntsiki became South Africa’s first black winemaker, working at Stellekaya Wines. It took her only five years for her to receive the 2009 winemaker of the year award, which highlighted her incredible skill and passion for the industry. Today, she continues to make exceptional wine, encouraging more transformation and diversity within the South African wine industry.


As the industry continues to shift, we look forward to seeing more women lead the way and continue to bring innovation to the industry. Be sure to browse our selection of Rosendal Wines, proudly produced by a powerful woman.

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