Rosendal Wine Ranges

Barony Range 

The Barony is the smallest castle in Norway, situated in the village of Rosendal. Our award-winning winemaker draws her inspiration from this region’s beauty based on the heritage of the founding owners of Rosendal Winery. The Barony range lives up to the quality and timeless distinction of Norwegian design. 

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Noble Nomad Range 

Very little is known about our Noble Nomad Claus Voigts. We only know that he arrived in Cape Town as a German soldier. He enjoyed his nomadic lifestyle and he was a prolific hunter. Money was also never a problem, which made others even more envious. His cause of death is uncertain; locals tell outsiders that he was eaten by a lion or trampled upon by an elephant.

Some have been lucky to have crossed paths with the Noble Nomad along their way, and the stories that came out of our journeys are incredible.

These journeys all start at the foot of the Klaasvoogds region in the Roberston Wine Valley of the Western Cape, South Africa.

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Rosendal Range 

Our Rosendal range of wines is inspired by the beautiful and fertile surrounds in the Klaasvoogds region of the Robertson Wine Valley. These wines can be enjoyed every day with close friends and family.  

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Reserve Range 

This is a collection of the finest Rosendal wines. Our Reserve range is hand-crafted by our award-winning winemaker, Therese de Beer, with a balanced focus on drinkability and maturation. All Reserve wines are good to enjoy when delivered and can be matured for up to seven years.

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