5 Facts About Malbec to Know About

5 Facts About Malbec to Know About

To celebrate the release of our new wine, the Barony Freyja Malbec, here are five facts about Malbec that you might not have known!

  1.       Malbec Thrives in the Sun.
    While many varieties are sensitive to too much sunlight, Malbec does exceptionally well and is part of why the wine is so dark and intense. 

  2.       Malbec Does Better in High Altitudes.
    Since Malbec struggles to maintain natural acidity, the cultivar does better at higher altitudes, which helps retain the grape’s acidity. In the case of Freyja, these vineyard sites can be found on the foothills of the Simonsberg Mountains, where the growing conditions are ideal. This means the wines are exceptionally well balanced, with both acidity and fruit.

  3.       Malbec Almost Went Extinct!
    Malbec was grown almost exclusively in parts of France, like Bordeaux, where it was only used as a blending component. However, a winemaker in Argentina saw the potential of this cultivar and planted it in Argentina. Today, over 75% of the country’s vineyards consist of Malbec and sparked global interest in this variety.

  4.       Malbec is Only Grown in Seven Countries.
    Since Malbec thrives in the sunlight and despises cold conditions, only a handful of countries can successfully grow Malbec. Some of these countries include The USA, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, and of course, South Africa.

  5.     Malbec Pairs With Just About Anything.
    Because of the variety’s rich, fruity flavours, there are few dishes that don’t pair with Malbec. From light and easy dishes to rich and intense stews, you can almost be guaranteed that Malbec will make the cut!

Our new Barony Freyja Malbec is now available for only R180! With only 3000 bottles produced you don’t want to miss the chance to get hold of this gem. 

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