Tasting Room

Tasting Room
We invite you to experience the magic of the Rosendal Tasting Room in the comfort of your own home. Rosendal now offers three Tasting Room box options, namely the quarterly Mix Box, quarterly Red Box and monthly Taste of Rosendal.
Not only will you receive a great collection of award-winning wines, but you will qualify for a number of additional benefits. Purchase your first order of Tasting Room today and you will be subscribed to future deliveries. 
To make sure you get the opportunity to order some of these very special wines, we encourage you to join Tasting Room or ensure that your subscription is active during 2018.
Mix Box consists of 6 red and/or white wines @ R990.00. The Red Box consists of 6 red wines @ R1,190.00. Taste of Rosendal consists of 6 bottles of the monthly new released wine less 20%.
Each quarterly box contain your 6 wines, our latest newsletter, free delivery and a special gift.
  • Tasting Room members get exclusive access to auction pallet wines.
  • Savings up to R500 on each order of Tasting Room.
  • No joining fees apply.
  • Delivery of fantastic new wines to your door.
  • Tasting Room subscribers are automatically entered into the Platinum Rosendal Rewards tier. Earn cash back points of 5% with every purchase over R1000.
  • Money back guarantee. 
Complete your details below and one of our wine merchants will give you a call to sign you up to this amazing wine subscription.