It's super refreshing: new release Rosendal Pinotage Rosé 2016

It's super refreshing: new release Rosendal Pinotage Rosé 2016

Rosé happens when the skins of red grapes touch wine for only a short time. The winemaker also has complete control over the color of the wine, and removes the red grape skins when the wine reaches the perfect color.

Our new Rosendal Pinotage Rosé 2016 has a beautiful colour of shimmering pink coral. Our award-winning winemaker, Therese de Beer, explains: "The grapes were handpicked, destemmed in the cellar and lightly crushed before receiving approximately 4 hours of skin contact to extract the soft pink colour from the Pinotage skins."

So, why not click here to get your hands on this everyday sipper at only R109.00 per bottle? It will pair really well with a board of homemade bruschetta, rustic patés, pesto's, caramalised onions and rich cream cheese.


The Rosé season is officially here. According to Google, the online search volume for the word “rosé” peaks in July, so get ready to enjoy this fantastic all-rounder wine.
Click here to read the detailed tasting notes of our Rosendal Pinotage Rosé 2016.


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