Awarded 4.5 STARS in PLATTER'S 2021

Awarded 4.5 STARS in PLATTER'S 2021

We have done it again!  For years the Platter’s wine guide has been regarded as a top authority on South African wines. The in-depth reviews are generally regarded as law by discerning wine connoisseurs and the announcement of the latest Platter's ratings was met with great excitement. A group of 14 expert wine tasters were appointed to determine the ratings in Platter's 41st edition.

Rosendal Team is ecstatic to announce our 4.5-star achievement for 3 of our wines in the Platter Wine Guide 2021.  It is the 2nd year the Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and Reserve Classic Cuvee achieved this rating.  8 Wines were awarded 4 stars.  We have continuously been adding a variety of prestigious wine accolades to our wines and this was a magnificent way to conclude 2020.

The results in guide 2021 show the quality of SA wines and the passion of the South African wine industry that they cannot be denied.

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