Serving Rosendal wine at the correct temperature

A wine should be served at just the right temperature to enjoy the most out of each and every drop. If the wine is served too hot, the alcohol will be accentuated. And served too cold, the flavours and aromas will fade, and in the case of red wine, the tannins will seem harsh.

So, what would the ideal experience be? Here are some guidelines:

We suggest that these wines are served between 5 and 10°C to preserve their fruitiness and show off their complexity. A chilled sparkling wine will keep the bubbles fine, rather than frothed.

To have the optimum wine experience in this category, we suggest you serve these wine between 15 and 18°C. At this temperature, the tannins will be more elegant and play down the bitter components.


If your wine spent the afternoon in your car while out shopping, immerse it in a mix of ice and water - which will chill it quicker than in ice alone: 5 to 10 minutes for a red and about 30 minutes for a bubbly.

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  • Thank you for very important information. Sometimes people drink wine just because they like it, some people even do not even care what type of wine they drink. I am not really a connoisseur but my wife and I love it to have the perfect wine, temperatures and all with the perfect dish. Correct temperatures for best tasting. Always a challenge to see if we can taste the different cultivars without seeing the name. Decanting is also high on our list for better tasting.

  • This is useful information. I don’t drink wine but I collect it, only red. Have it in original boxes in a cellar is it okay, Lots of Rodendal, some as old as 2002.

    Dr Luneta
  • Thank you for. the input. As a wine drinker this is valuable to a lot of people

    Hans Beukes

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