The Man Behind The Legend

The Man Behind The Legend

He Stole My Horse” – the red blend that holds enormous character and a legendary tale. Based on the German soldier Claus Voigts, the Noble Nomad wine tells a story of his adventures in South Africa and the legend he left behind.

Claus Voigts

Claus Voigts was a German soldier that came to Cape Town in 1692 and worked as a secret agent for Simon van der Stel. During his time in South Africa, he assumed a nomadic lifestyle and was one of the first Europeans to do this.
As the legend goes, Claus led an adventurous life, best known as a vigilante and womaniser.

The Wine

Our Cabernet-Sauvignon blend, “He Stole My Horse”, tell a piece of the Noble Nomad’s tale. As the story goes, Claus took refuge in the home of a local resident, who provided him with food and shelter, only to find that Claus took off with his horse in the morning.

While the wine is a classic, easy-drinking blend, you can expect bold flavours and lingering juiciness. The Cabernet Sauvignon adds dark berry notes, while the Shiraz adds spiciness and a savoury twist.

Together, these two cultivars make a larger-than-life blend that shows excellent drinkability, especially in its youth.

Previously, the Noble Nomad range included a rosé and Sauvignon Blanc. These two wines, called “He Slept Under the Stars” and “He Was My Lover”, all had their own Claus stories to tell.

These wines carry the Noble Nomad’s story and pay tribute to his legend with exquisite wines. Order your Noble Nomad online, and experience a part of this rich history of Claus Voigts. 

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