The Story Behind Norway’s Barony Castle

The Story Behind Norway’s Barony Castle

Our Barony Range, which we are immense proud of, has an exquisite tie to our Norwegian Heritage. Named after the Barony Rosendal Manor in Norway, this range of wines represents the core elements of Rosendal Wine’s history.

Considering the founders of Rosendal Winery are originally from Norway, it was important to bring the Norwegian heritage to the wines. The beginning of the winery marked the integration of South African terroir and Norwegian traditions. With the introduction of the Barony range, it only seemed fitting to give the wines a Norwegian element.

The History

 The Barony Rosendal Castle, a historic building in Hordaland, Norway, was construction in the 1650s. Today, it is one of Norway’s most prestigious museums that tell a beautiful story.

Currently the castle hosts a range of events, from live concerts to theatrical performances. There are also extensive tours of the manor, which offers great insight into this important part of history. It is a building that remains a crucial part of Norway, and the history of the area.

The Barony Wines

 The Barony wine range acts as a tribute and a reminder of the important, and ever-present Norwegian roots. The Barony Range, currently consist of the Bonne Pinotage, August Cabernet Sauvignon, Røsslyng Chardonnay and Freyja Malbec. These wines reflect the Norwegian heritage and its timeless elegance and consumer-focused approach. Expect nothing less than a fine selection of wines that emanate refinement, complexity and elegance. This range lives up to the classical quality and design assurance of Norwegian design.

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With such a close Norwegian connection, when will it be possible to get these fantastic wines in Norway through Vinmonopolet?

Jan Egil Sæberg

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