Why Syrah and Grenache Make Exceptional Blends

Why Syrah and Grenache Make Exceptional Blends

While Syrah and Grenache have very different characteristics, they are responsible for some of the world’s most extraordinary blends. It is no wonder the famous French region of Southern Rhone produces a variety of Syrah-and-Grenache blends.   

Historically, Shiraz adds structure and tannin to the blend, while the Grenache adds body and vibrant fruit notes. In many instances, these two varieties are blended with Mourvèdre, which brings a unique element to the wine. By adding Mourvèdre, winemakers are able to add great depth, as well as savouriness to the wine.

In South Africa, our ideal climate allows our grapes to ripen perfectly, making Mourvèdre a non-essential component to the blend. Simply blending Shiraz and Grenache, winemakers are able to achieve incredible results.

The Rosendal Reserve Black Spice is a perfect example of how harmonious these two varieties are blended. The seriousness of the Shiraz marries perfectly with the playfulness of the Grenache. While the Grenache offers bright, red berry aromas, the Shiraz provides notes of warm spices.

On the palate, the wine is equally as inviting, with great intensity, vibrancy and smoothness like no other.  The Black Spice comes highly recommended for anyone looking to experience the harmony and understand why Syrah and Grenache make exceptional blends.

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